Writing has been my greatest love for as far back as I can remember. I've always enjoyed telling stories. I started writing at the age of three by dictating stories to my parents and then drawing pictures to accompany them. This continued during elementary school, though eventually I stopped writing picture books and began writing longer and longer stories. By middle school I was regularly completing novels. The Los Angeles Times gave me the great honor of interviewing me as a fourteen-year-old novelist.  

Since then I've gotten involved in professional journalistic work, writing for about fifty different magazines, newspapers and websites. Some samples of these can be found on my Published Articles  page. I have also written the English adaptation of Japanese graphic novels when they were published in America. Alongside this I'm constantly penning out my fiction and working to accomplish my dream of becoming a full-time novelist.  You can find out a bit more about this on my Novels page, and you can order my MG novel, Escape from the Overworld, here.  I've never found anything more gratifying, emotional and consuming than putting stories down on paper and seeing where my imagination leads me.


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