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In addition to writing articles, I've written the English adaptation of Japanese graphic novels.  I was given the Japanese translation (which can sound odd, blunt and very literal) and I rewrote it to sound like conversational English ... while staying true to the original meaning. So while I'm not the actual author of these books, the English words you read are the ones I wrote.  Along with the adapting, I worked on formatting and wrote the story description on the back.   I'm credited on the copyright page under the title "Editor."



I wrote the English adaptation of the first two volumes of Millennium Prime Minister for its American publisher, Digital Manga Publishing.  These can be found at your local bookstore or online. 





Millennium Prime Minister 1
(In keeping with the original Japanese manuscript, read right to left.)

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Millennium Prime Minister vol.1 - Seikimatsu Prime Minister 1 © Eiki Eiki /SHINSHOKAN 1998. Originally published in Japan in 1998 by SHINSHOKAN CO., LTD. English translation copyright © 2009 by DIGITAL MANGA, Inc./SHINSHOKAN CO., LTD.

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