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 Advice for Writers in Many Fields

Book Reporter



 Happy Birthday, Anaïs Nin!

Graphic Novel Reporter 

 The Reformed review
 Chicken with Plum review
 Canon 1-2 review
 Canon 3-4 review
 Tarot Cafe 1-3 review
 Tarot Cafe 4-7 review
 The Manzai Comics review
 Cancer Vixen review
 Peach Fuzz 1-3 review
 Ballad of a Shinigami review
 Vlad the Impaler review
 Narration of Love at 17 review
 Kyo Kara Maoh 1-4 review
 The Starry Night review
 13th Boy 2 review
 Dokebi Bride 1-6 review
 Sarasah review
 Il Gatto Sul G 3 review
 Bride of the Water God review 1-4
 Romance Papa 1-3 review
 Drawing Manga Animals review
 Zombie Loan review
 9 Faces of Love review
 The Secret Science Alliance review
 La Esperanca 1-3 review
 La Esperanca 4-7 review
 The Devil's Trill review
 To Will Come review
 Operation Liberate Men review
 Ultimo review
 Taimashin review
 One Fine Day review
 An Interview with Christopher Hart
 Haru Hana review
 Lucky Star 1-4 review
 Deadman Wonderland review
 They're a Peach: An Interview with Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges
 Absolute Boyfriend 1-3 review
 Absolute Boyfriend 4-6 review
 Hanako and the Terror of Allegory review
 Alice in the Country of Hearts 1-2 review
 Click 1-4 review
 Trickster: Native American Tales review
 The Lizard Prince review
 Finger on the Pulse: An Interview with Anne Elizabeth
 Click 5-8 review
 Do Whatever You Want 1-3 review
 Gargoyles: Clan Building review
 Can't Lose You 1-3 review
 Kingdom of the Winds review
 In the Walnut review
 Trickster Tales: An Interview With Matt Dembicki and Michael Thompson
 Life After Gargoyles: Greg Weisman Speaks
 Blood Banks: An Interview with Vampire Huntress Author L.A. Banks
 Death Note 1-4 review
 Raiders review
 Ratman review
 All My Darling Daughters review
 Death Note 5-8 review
 One Fine Day 2 review
 Romeo X Juliet review
 Death Note 9-12 review
 Alice the 101st review
 Grand Guignol Orchestra review
 The Clique review
 The Dreaming review
 Taimashin 2 review
 Himeyuka & Rozione's Story review
 Summoner Girl review
 Butterflies, Flowers 1-4 review
 Monster 1-3 review
 Dante's Inferno review
 I Am Here! review
 Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy review
 Tegami Bachi review
 Nancy Drew, Vampire Slayer Part One review
 Queen for a Day: The Queenie Chan Interview
 Princess Princess 1-2 review
 Crimson Hero review
 Rosario + Vampire 1-3 review
 I.O.N. review
 Rasetsu 1-3
 Drew's Clues
 Grand Guignol Orchestra 2 review
 Crimson Cross review
 Cat Eyed Boy review
 Laurell K. Hamilton Talks Graphic Novels (and Giant Cobras) Interview
 Neko Ramen 2 review
 Beauty and the Squat Bears review
 Lethe review
 Let's Be Perverts 1-4 review
 Red Angel review
 Manga Visual References
 Rasetsu 4-6 review
 Monster 4-7 review
 Kamisama Kiss 1-2 review
 Cat Eyed Boy 2 review
 The Hardy Boys: The New Case Files, #1: Crawling with Zombies review
 Gabby and Gator review
 Rasetsu 7-8 review
 Avatar, The Last Airbender review
 Taro and the Carnival of Doom review
 Tale of a White Night review
 From Hell review
 Butterflies, Flowers 5 review
 The Clockwork Girl review

Guide to Literary Agents

 7 Things I've Learned So Far

iF Magazine

 Monster anime review  
 Chevalier D'Eon anime review
 Head Night Genesis manga review
 Rentical Magica anime review
 Black Butler manga review
 Crown of Love review
 Dante's Inferno review
 Higurashi When They Cry: Curse Killing Arc 2 review
 13th Boy 3 review
 Sarasah 3 review
 Naruto Shippuden 7 review
 My Darling! Miss Bancho review
 Trinity Blood anime review
 Otodama manga review
 Stepping on Roses manga review
 Ouran High School Host Club anime review
 Afro Samurai anime review
 Rurouni Kenshin anime review
 Kingyo Used Books manga review
 Itazura Na Kiss 2 review
 Shin Chan anime review
 My Girlfriend's a Geek manga review
 Night Head Genesis 2 manga review
 Dragon Ball Z Kai anime review
 Ninja Nonsense anime review
 Afterschool Charisma manga review
 Butterflies, Flowers 3 manga review
 Higurashi When They Cry Time Killing Arc manga review
 Naruto season 3 boxset review
 Darker Than Black manga review
 Dengeki Daisy manga review
 Romeo X Juliet anime review
 Wolf God manga review
 Love Hina anime review
 Code Breaker manga review
 Vampire Knight anime review


 Missed Monster on SyFy's Ani-Monday?
 Digital Manga Announces New Titles
 Japanese Companies Try New Way to Battle Piracy
 FUNimation Steams Soul Eater
 Film About Hirohito Gets Played in New York
 Omnibus Manga: Big Books For Your Bucks!
 Japanator Holiday Shopping Guide: Anime
 Section 23 Films' January Releases
 Youmacon '09
 Is This the End of the Japanese Language?
 Watch the First 9 Minutes of Evangelion
 Soul Eater Hitting Stores
 Aurora Sale: Mega Cheap Manga!
 FUNimation Has 40% Off Sale at Right Stuf
 Yen Press Announces K'ON and Other New Licenses
 Bandai Launces Manga Site
 Adult Swim to Get an Extra Hour
 Bandai Announces More Code Geass Manga
 Chiaki Kuriyama debuts new song at MTV Iggy
 Sylvain White to Direct Robotech Movie?
 Manga Publisher For Sale!
 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Has Been Licensed

 MTV Act

 Interview: Ian Somerhalder Talks About His Foundation, Dating Dealbreakers + Christian Grey
 Interview: Avril Lavigne Has A Charity-Themed Birthday Bash
 Interview: Disney Star Debby Ryan Talks About Giving Back & Her Hit Show 'Jessie'
 For Malala Day, You Can Help the 32 Million Girls Not In School Get An Education
 A Big Thank You For Doing Your Part on National Philanthropy Day
 Sweet Tweet: Gym Class Heroes Are Performing Tonight on 'Restore the Shore'
 Sweet Tweet: Olivia Wilde Helps 11th Graders Raise Money for Girls' Education
 Tune in For VH1's Divas + Help Save the Music
 Sweet Tweet: 'Jersey Shore' Cast Readies 'Restore the Shore' Sandy Benefit
 Sweet Tweet: Selena Gomez Still Has A Big Love In Her Life... Animals!
 5 Ways to Take Action on Veterans Day
 Help Vinny Rebuild Staten Island After Hurricane Sandy
 Sweet Tweet: Join Adam Levine and Help Guatemala After Its Earthquake
 5 Ways to Help Pets Affected by Sandy
 Take A Second To Help Jersey Shore's Ronnie With Hurricane Sandy Relief
 Sweet Tweet: Sophia Bush Applauds Women Winning Election
 Sweet Tweet: Katy Perry Wants You To Vote With Style
 Sweet Tweet: Christina Aguilera Joins Mary J. Blige + More At Hurricane Sandy Telethon
 Help 'Restore the Shore' With 'Jersey Shore'
 Sweet Tweet: Eva Longoria, Brad Pitt, Keke Palmer + More Gear Up For Election Day
 Sweet Tweet: Elizabeth Banks Hearts Macklemore's 'Same Love' Video
 Sweet Tweet: Justin Bieber Wants You To Help The Berry Children
 Khalil Fuller Actually Makes Math Fun With NBA Math Hoops
 Sweet Tweet: NYC Natives Diddy, JLo + Gaga Tweet Thoughts After Hurricane Sandy
 Superstorm Sandy: 3 Easy Ways To Take Action
 5 Ways Ellen DeGeneres Has Stood Up For All Of Us
 Sweet Tweet: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rallies Fans For Leonardo DiCaprio + The Antarctic
 Sweet Tweet: Katy Perry Asks For Charitable Donations For Her Birthday
 Sweet Tweet: Derek Hough Spreads Awareness On Breast Cancer + You Can Join
 Submit Your Q's To 'Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview With The President'
 Sweet Tweet: Victoria Beckham + Harper Go Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness
 Sia, Tavi, Lena Dunham Star in 'You Don't Own Me' PSA
 Sweet Tweet: Jared Leto Wants You To Get Out And Vote
 New York Teens & Their Dreams Shine In 'Brooklyn Castle'
 Sweet Tweet: JWOWW & Sammi Talk 'Night Of Too Many Stars'
 Sweet Tweet: Emmy Rossum, Ricky Martin, Lance Bass & More Celebrate Spirit Day
 8 Celebs Who Go Hard For Spirit Day
 Sweet Tweet: Shakira Opens Center For Children
 Get Schooled Wants You To Wake Up To One Direction & Win A Notebook Signed By Them
 In Honor Of Hispanic Heritage: 9 Amazing Philanthropic Celebs
 Why You Need To Know About Malala Yousafzai Right Now
 Skin Cancer Survivor Hillary Fogelson Is Pale & Proud
 Today Is International Day Of The Girl
 Sweet Tweet: Christina Aguilera Wants You To Feed A Child For Free
 Sweet Tweet: Alicia Keys Spreads the Word about MtvU's Against Our Will Campaign
 Lady Gaga Honored Today By Yoko Ono
 Sweet Tweet: Demi Lovato Bonds With Bullied News Anchor Jen Livingston
 Seventeen Mag Electionista On Reproductive Rights + Why You Should Vote
 Sweet Tweet: Jennifer Lopez Talks The Political Power Of Women
 Help Women Worldwide With The Half The Sky Movement
 Live Now: Global Citizen Festival In Central Park
 AnnaLynne McCord Opens Up About Assault
 What's the Deal With Lady Gaga's Body Revolution 2013?
 Sweet Tweet: Ian Somerhalder Wins $100,000 To Help Animals + The Environment
 Diem Brown Tackles Ovarian Cancer In 'Surviving Cancer With Diem Brown'
 Emma Stone Says Your Lips Can Save Lives
 Sweet Tweet: Lady Gaga Shaves Head For Terry Richardson Who Lost Mom To Cancer
 Sweet Tweet: Justin Timberlake + Others Raise 81 Million Dollars For Stand Up To Cancer
 Help Charity: Water Get Clean Water To Rwanda
 Sweet Tweet: Olivia Wilde Helps Haitian Children Receive An Education

 MTV Geek

 Will "The Magicians" Be TV's Next "Game of Thrones"? Lev Grossman Speaks
 Immortals: Gods and Heroes Tells the Story Beyond the Movie
 Dwayne McDuffie and Earl Kress Receive Animation Writing Awards
 Neil Gaiman Guest-Stars on The Simpsons
 Sanrio Acquires Mr. Men, Adds to Their Hello Kitty Empire
 Check Out Valiant's New X-O Manowar!
 Fraction and Fox's "For God and Country" at GQ
 "Occupy Comics" With Alan Moore, Steve Niles, David Lloyd, and Mike Allred
 Stan Lee Creates Indian Superhero for Liquid Comics
 Crime Writer Denise Mina Tapped for 'Tattoo' Adaptation
 John Woo's "Seven Brothers" Now an Animated Series
 British Anthology 'Bayou Arcana' Aims To Focus On Female Talent
 Mark Millar's Supercrooks Prequel To Run Exclusively In CLiNT
 Jem's Truly Outrageous Season Two DVD Coming Soon
 Michel Fiffe Turns To Crowdfunding Site RocketHub To Get Zegas #2 Funding
 Readers Pick Their Digital Favorites In The ComiXologist Choice Awards
 Design Your Own Avengers T-Shirt For We Love Fine's New Contest!
 Aspen's Vince Hernandez Talks The Return Of Kiani
 Create Foam Swords And Practice Your Telepathy At The B.P.R.D. And Hellboy Camps
 Steve Niles Vamps It Up With "Nosferatu Wars" For Dark Horse Presents
 Smell Like An Avenger With This New Cologne Line
 Interview: Josh Keaton Talks "Green Lantern: The Animated Series"
 Move Books Want To Get Boys Excited About Reading With 'Mapmaker's Sons'
 Interview: Anne Rice Talks 'Claudia's Story' And 'The Wolf Gift'

MTV News

 First 'X-Men:First Class' Trailer Arrives Tomorrow, Logo and New Image Debut Today
 Ryan Reynolds Writes Intro For 'Green Lantern: Secret Origin' Re-release
 New 'Priest' Trailer Hits The 'Net
 Zoe Kravitz Reveals Her 'X-Men: First Class' Training Regimen
 David E. Kelley Says 'Wonder Woman' TV Series Is 'Way Outside My Comfort Zone'
 'X-Men: First Class' Actor Edi Gathegi On Darwin's 'Reactive Adaptation'
 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Actor Reveals More Details About Blackout Role
 'Smallville' Actress Erica Durance Finds Silver Lining In Series' Final Season
 Lois Lane Is 'A Powerful Woman,' Says Amy Adams
 Ryan Reynolds Isn't Involved With 'Justice League' Movie, At Least Not Yet
 Henry Cavill Talks Superman: 'There's Only So Much You Can Change'
 New 'ThunderCats' Trailer Is Here!
 'Xerxes' Is No Longer Called 'Xerxes,' Says '300' Producer Mark Canton
 Keanu Reeves Says He's Still Knocking On The 'Cowboy Bebop' Door
 Chris Hemsworth Talks 'Thor' Fans, Costumes and Set Design
 'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Shoot in Pittsburgh, Christopher Nolan Confirms
 Tom Welling And 'Smallville' Creators Discuss The Man Of Steel's Looming Finale
 'X-Men: First Class' Fan Video Uses 1960s Imagery To Create A Unique Credits Sequence
 George Takei Auditions For 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,' But Not Really
 'The Walking Dead' Season Two Raises The Bar To Unseeable Heights, Says Robert Kirkman
 Edi Gathegi And Caleb Landry Jones Answer 'X-Men: First Class' Questions From Fans
 'The Avengers' Begins Filming First Week Of May, Says Mark Ruffalo
 David Slade Or Duncan Jones To Replace Darren Aronofsky On 'The Wolverine'?
 'Captain America: The First Avenger' To Film In L.A. This Weekend, Stan Lee Tweets On Cameo
 Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'The Governator' Picked Up In International Markets
 New 'Thor' Clip Shows First Look At Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye
 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Direct 'The Crow' Reboot, Filming Set To Start This Fall
 New 'Wolverine' Anime Clip Is The Best It Is At What It Does, And What It Does Is Speak Japanese
 Zach Galifianakis Drops Out Of R.I.P.D. For Scheduling Reasons
 James McAvoy Talks 'X-Men: First Class' Plot, Teases Potential Sequels
 Colin Firth Was Considered For 'X-Men: First Class' Villain, Says Matthew Vaughn
 Michael Clarke Duncan To Voice Kilowog in 'Green Lantern'
 'Wonder Woman' TV Series Could Feature Yet Another Costume, Says NBC President
 'Superman' Reboot Will Cover Man Of Steel's Life 'From Infancy On,' Says Diane Lane
 Mark Ruffalo Hints At Hairy-Chested Hulk In 'Avengers'
 'Thor' Star Tom Hiddleston Confirms Deal For Future Marvel Movies
 Joss Whedon Says 'Avengers' Will Start Production In A Week
 Kenneth Branagh Talks 'Thor' 3-D Effects And The Bifrost Bridge Scene
 Chris Hemsworth Added 20 Pounds Of Muscle For 'Thor'
 'Thor' Gets IMAX 3-D Release
 Lynda Carter Weighs In On New 'Wonder Woman' Costume, Possible Cameo
 Johnny Depp's 'Rex Mundi' Adaptation Recruits New Screenwriters
 Michael Rosenbaum Describes His Return To 'Smallville'
 No Movement On 'Gambit' Solo Movie, Says Taylor Kitsch
 'Little Thor' Ad Puts Marvel Spin On VW's Viral Hit
 Tom Hiddleston Talks 'Thor' Casting Controversy And Almost Playing The God Of Thunder
 Joss Whedon Makes It Official: 'Avengers' Will Start Filming Today!
 First 'Avengers' Set Photo Released, Marvel Confirms Loki's Return!
 Paul Bettany Confirms 'Avengers' Role, Will Return As Voice Of J.A.R.V.I.S.
 Chris Evans Still Hasn't Seen 'Captain America,' Can't Believe He Almost Passed On It
 'X-Men: First Class' Actor Lucas Till Explains Havok's Powers And Dark Side
 'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Was Worried About Looking 'Silly' In Cap's Costume
 EXCLUSIVE: 'How To Survive A Garden Gnome Attack' Author Reveals Feature Film Adaptation Plans
 Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk Will Have 'An Interesting Twist' In 'The Avengers'
 Paul Bettany On The 'Feral' Vampires And Post-Apocalyptic World Of 'Priest'
 Chris Evans On His 'Captain America' Bulk-Up And Post-Filming Gym Ban
 'Smallville' Star Tom Welling Drops More Hints About Series Finale
 Jeff Bridges In Talks To Star In 'R.I.P.D.'
 Idris Elba Campaigns For Luke Cage Role
 'The Dark Knight Rises' Rumors Roundup: Shooting Schedule Revealed, Official Synopsis Coming Soon?
 Kenneth Branagh On 'Thor' Casting: 'We Needed It All'
 Chris Hemsworth On Getting Thor's Hammer (And The Rest Of The Costume) Right
 'Thor' Actress Jaimie Alexander Was Approached To Play Wonder Woman, Turned It Down
 Tom Welling Calls 'Smallville' Series Finale 'Bittersweet'
 Kenneth Branagh Wants To Do 'Thor' Sequel, But Fans Will Decide If It Happens
 Keanu Reeves In Talks For Live-Action 'Akira' Adaptation
 Martin Sheen Talks 'Amazing Spider-Man' And Andrew Garfield
 Charles S. Dutton Joins 'Powers' Cast
 Robert Kirkman Won't Confirm Stephen King's 'The Walking Dead' Deal, Will Suggest Other Comics-To-TV Adaptations
 Jennifer Lawrence Describes Mystique's 'X-Men: First Class' Evolution
 NBC Rejects 'Wonder Woman' TV Series
 Zack Whedon To Write 'Talent' Script
 NBC Exec Explains 'Wonder Woman' Decision
 Stan Lee Talks 'Captain America' And 'Amazing Spider-Man' Cameos, But No 'X-Men: First Class'
 Nicholas Hoult Reveals More Details About Beast's 'X-Men: First Class' Story Arc
 'Captain America' Actress Hayley Atwell Talks Peggy Carter And Working With Chris Evans
 'X-Men: First Class' Clip: Beast and Mystique Try To Feel 'Normal'
 'The Dark Knight Rises' Cast Adds Three More
 'X-Men: First Class' Actress January Jones Says Emma Frost Has 'An Impossible Body'
 Edi Gathegi Explains Darwin's Powers In 'X-Men: First Class'
 'X-Men: First Class' Director Talks 3-D, Costume Choices And Attracting A Female Audience
 James McAvoy Was 'Worried' About 'X-Men: First Class'
 Matthew Vaughn Talks 'X-Men: First Class' And 'Kick-Ass' Sequels
 Kevin Bacon Says 'Emotional Content' Sets 'X-Men: First Class' Apart From Other Comic Book Movies
 Lucas Till Compares 'X-Men: First Class' To This Summer's Other Comic Book Movies
 'X-Men: First Class' Mutants 'Feel Like Real People' Says James McAvoy
 Will Paramount Adapt 'The Mighty' Comic?
 'Evolved' Ghost Rider To Debut At San Diego Comic-Con 
 Hal Jordan Learns To Fly In New 'Green Lantern' Clip
 'X-Men: First Class' Supervisor To Direct 'Tales From The Farm' Adaptation
 Blade Anime Trailer & Character Designs Debut
 Ryan Reynolds Compares 'Green Lantern' to 'Star Wars'
 'Fringe' Writer Attached To Daredevil Reboot
 Chris Evans Likes What He's Seen Of 'Captain America,' But Remains 'Apprehensive'
 Ryan Reynolds Was 'Blown Away' By 'Green Lantern' Visuals
 John Favreau & Robert Downey Jr Discuss 'Iron Man 3,' 'The Avengers' And Marvel's Movie Universe
 Bono & Edge Explain The Difficulties Of Getting 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' To Its Premiere
 'Lord of the Rings' Actor Sean Astin To Voice Raphael In 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
 Which Character Could Return For 'The Dark Knight Rises' Cameo?
 'The Avengers' Team Up With...Mötley Crüe?!
 Bronson Director Wants Christina Hendricks For 'Wonder Woman' Movie
 '100 Bullets' To Become Showtime TV Series
 Andrew Garfield On 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Shoot: 'I Feel Like I Lost A Sense Of Myself For A While'
 Don Cheadle Talks 'Iron Man 3' And War Machine Spinoff, Won't Be In 'The Avengers'
 Julia Ormond To Play Superman's Mother?
 Warner Brothers Moving Forward With 'Green Lantern' Sequel
 Warner Brothers Debunks 'Green Lantern' Sequel Report
 'Hulk' TV Show Moving Forward, Says Guillermo Del Toro
 Hugh Jackman Says 'The Wolverine' Begins Shooting In October
 Tom Hardy On 'The Dark Knight Rises' Rumors; 'Chris Nolan Doesn't Tell You Anything'
 'Captain America' Undergoes Title Change In Three Countries
 'Preacher' And 'The Boys' Writer Makes Director Debut On 'Stitched'
 'Captain America' And 'The Avengers' Could Have Comic-Con Presence After All
 Robert Kirkman Gives A Tour Of 'The Walking Dead' Set
 New 'Captain America' Featurettes Discuss Character, Period Setting
 New 'Men In Black 3' Set Photos Show '60s Era Cars And Sci-Fi Heavy Vehicles
 Marvel Heads To D23 Expo, Will 'Avengers' Follow?
 'Captain America' Strikes In 13 New Photos
 New 'Adventures Of Tintin' Trailer Teases The 'Secret Of The Unicorn'
 'Man Of Steel' Pays A Visit To Kent Farm In Smallville
 Spike Lee To Direct 'Oldboy' Remake
 'Thor' Blu-ray And DVD Features 'Avengers' Sneak Peek
 Sly Stallone's 'Bullet To The Head' Adaptation Adds Christian Slater And Two More
 'Sherlock Holmes' Director Back On For 'Sgt. Rock'?


Otaku USA

 Jonathan Clements Interview: The Man Behind the Milky Crisis
 Higruashi When They Cry: Behind Midnight Arc 1
 March Story 1
 Arisa 1
 Wild @ Heart
 Vampire Hunter D 5
 Dragon Ball Z Kai part 2
 X: The Complete Series
 Chi's Sweet Home 1-3
 My Bride is a Mermaid
 My Girlfriend's a Geek 2
 Kuro Zakuro 1 review
 Kaleido Star review
 Itsuwaribito review
 The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye review
 Sasameke review
 Kuro Zakuro 2 review
 Hyde & Closer review
 Dragon Girl review
 Higurashi When They Cry: Beyond Midnight Arc 2
 Dragon Ball Z Kai 3 review
 Gravitation review
 Oresama Teacher review
 Highschool of the Dead review
 Samurai 7 review
 Higurashi When They Cry: Eye Opening Arc 1 review
 Kingyo Used Books 3 review
 Kobato 1-2 review
 Higschool of the Dead 2 review
 The Beautiful Skies of Houou High 1 review
 K-ON! 2 review
 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan review
 Ai Ore! review
 Hirgurashi When They Cry: Demon Exposing Arc review
 My Girlfriend's a Geek 3 review
 Replica review
 Blue Exorcist review
 Bunny Drop 2 review
 I'll Give It My All...Tomorrow 2 review
 Black Butler 2 review
 Black Butler 3 review
 Ichiroh! 2 review
 Itazura na Kiss review
 I'll Give It My All...Tomorrow 3 review

Publishers Weekly

 Time and Again review (Scroll down on PW page to read)
 Pandora Hearts review  (Scroll down on PW page to read)
 Max Finder Collected Casebook #4  (Scroll down on PW page to read)
 Zebrafish  (Scroll down on PW page to read)
 Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye  (Scroll down on PW page to read)
 Prime Baby (Click on PW's link to read)
 Sons of Liberty (Scroll down on page to read)
 Food Fight (Scroll down on page to read)
 Guinea Pig: And Then There Were Gnomes (Scroll down on page to read)
 Nola's World (Scroll down on page to read)
 PWCW's Fifth Annual Critics Poll (I'm one of the judges)
 Viz Kids Line Expands with Original 'Mameshiba' Books

Teen Reads

 They Never Came Back

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