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Manga Art for Beginners

With titles ranging from Attack on Titan to Pokémon, manga is a billion-dollar industry with millions of fans worldwide. Readers will love this step-by-step guide to drawing characters that resemble the Japanese comics and anime they love. In this book, fans can learn how to draw their own manga characters and join in on the fun. Manga Art for Beginners explores the basics, like how to draw faces and eyes, and gradually shows how to get into more complex drawings.

Readers will learn to draw the following character types in easy, detailed steps:

•  Hero/Heroine
•  Schoolboy/Schoolgirl
•  Male and Female Ninja
•  Butler/Maid
•  Bishonen
•  Gothic Lolita
•  Shrine Maiden
•  Magical Girl
•  Chibi  

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Manga Art for Intermediates

"Good characters are a key to good manga. If you’ve been trying to  draw them, but still feel as though your drawings don’t look very  manga-ish, this is a great book, with lots of good hints and idea  templates with which to practice. Kudos to Danica Davidson and Rena  Saiya for providing something very useful!" -- Frederik L. Schodt,  author of Manga! Manga! and Osamu Tezuka's English interpreter 

"This manga instruction book focuses on character design and costume,  devoting much more attention to details such as how to draw a rose or shoelaces, or which way a kimono crosses over, than proportion or anatomy. Much of that was covered in the previous book, Manga Art for Beginners (by Davidson and artist Melanie Westin). This is a solid selection for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to move on to character work." -- School Library Journal 

“Danica Davidson has done a fantastic job of expanding on Manga Art for Beginners  in this lovely how-to guide, illustrated beautifully by Rena Saiya. It  provides all the essential steps for the budding manga artist. Easy to  understand explanations provide details on popular manga archetypes,  giving the reader the tools they need to create their own dynamic manga  characters.”―Robert McGuire, Publisher, One Peace Books

Bring your own manga characters to life!

With millions of  fans around the world, manga is a beloved art form. Now you, too, can learn how to draw your favorite characters from Japanese comics and  anime! Manga Art for Intermediates shows you how to draw detailed  clothing, facial expressions, and other features, like hair and  accessories. With gradual steps and helpful tips, this book will have you creating your own colorful characters in no time at all!

Learn to draw:

  • Gothic Lolita 
  • Shonen Hero 
  • Bride 
  • Groom 
  • Nekojin ("cat people") 
  • Yokai 
  • Victorian Man 
  • Female Warrior

The authors have done all the work for you. Just follow their simple,  straightforward instructions, study the step-by-step drawings, and  you'll soon have your own collection of fantastic manga characters! 

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